Welcome to Legio XI CPF

Legio XI is a Georgia-based Roman reenactment group, dedicated to recreating the environment, equipment, technology, and ethos of the Roman Army of the 1st Century A.D.

As such, all of us share an avid interest in the history and authenticity of our subject, and strive our best to present an accurate portrayal of Roman Legionaries in a variety of settings.

Legio XI conducts regular monthly workshops where we exchange ideas, make our own equipment, learn more about our respective interests, and enjoy each others’ company. We participate in reenactment events, locally and across the U.S., that recreate Roman camp and military life.

We provide demonstrations for schools and other institutions interested in well-researched, accurate, and interesting living history. We are able to tailor our presentations for any audience.


Legio XI is recruiting. To join, see our ‘Joining the Legion’ tab on the left hotbar.






Fall 2016

Monthly Workshops: Held when interest is expressed.

North Georgia contact information: cacrispvs@gmail.com – Recruitment, Inviting the Legion for school visits and events, workshops.

North Florida / Southern Georgia: titusvaleriusminimus@gmail.com – Recruitment, workshops.



Dragon*Con – Atlanta, held September 2nd – 5th over Labor Day weekend. Legio XI will be attending, as we have a few panels with the Palmetto Knights HSCT, as well as other opportunities. Long event.



Castra Romana – November | More information to be added